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Roller Coaster Tycoon Disneyland

Tomorrowland RCT2

Tomorrowland RCT2
Fantasyland RCT3

RCT2 DL's Tomorrowland was inspired by the real Disneyland's Tomorrowland -- in different time periods. The styles of Disneyland's 1967, 1998 and 2005 Tomorrowlands were blended for RCT2 DL's version.


Here are the attractions you will find in RCT2 DL's Tomorrowland.



Looking for a cool tour of Tomorrowland? Look no further. The sleek Peoplemover vehicles glide along a track that winds over and through all of Tomorrowland's attractions on a 7-minute narrated tour of the land. The ride is powered on LIMs which do not emit polution and make it a quiet, enjoyable, relaxing ride.


Circlevision 360: The Timekeeper

The Timekeeper, a genius robot, has created an invention. Using it, he hurtles 9-Eye (another robot) through space and time.


Storm Rider

This hot new simulator has replaced Star Tours. Guests board weather vehicles for a vicious ride through a horrible storm. This was meant to be a research project - but it went horribly wrong. Will you survive this horrific journey?


Alien Attack

Battle aliens on this interactive darkride.


NASA Space Experience

Explore fascinating exhibits featuring NASA's latest projects.


Mission to Mars

Blast off on a journey to the mysterious red planet. This unprecedented technological adventure is brand new.


Cosmic Waves

Fun in the sun can be found at this interactive fountain. Note- Cosmic Waves is shut off in low temperatures.


Space Mountain

Blast through the cosmos on this exciting coaster ride located inside a futuristic mountain.




*Tomorrowland was completely repainted and redone several times before the final version was settled on.


*Tomorrowland originally lacked a Skyway, but it was put it later to increase overall traffic flow in the park.

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This RCT2 Disneyland is an UNOFFICIAL version of Disneyland Park in California created by Kevin and Troy. Do not use any of the info or screenshots on this site without permission. For permission, email